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Dec 31 2024

Pharma Logic Holdings

December 31, 2024

12:00 AM - 5:00 PM


Peoria, IL

PharmaLogic is the fastest-growing SPECT & PET radiopharmaceutical solutions provider and contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with radiopharmacies across North America. We are passionate about expanding the power of radiopharmaceutical technology to provide transformative diagnostic and therapeutic agents to patients from bench to bedside.

PharmaLogic offers you an exceptional opportunity to join our dynamic team as a Nuclear Pharmacist Manager! If you have a passion for nuclear medicine and want to make a significant contribution to patient care while working in a stimulating and dynamic environment, then this opportunity is for you.

  • Supervise and manage the performance of Nuclear Pharmacists and Nuclear Pharmacy Personnel, including but not limited to complete P&L and budgeting responsibility.
  • Implement and ensure compliance with Company policies and procedures.
  • Assist your direct report in the implementation of financial and operational direction for your nuclear pharmacy. Monitor and control the operational expenses within the nuclear pharmacies according to plan.
  • Identify existing and emergent trends in nuclear pharmacy production and distribution necessary to achieve growth projections. Develop impact analysis when incorporating new developments into existing and proposed facilities.
  • Participate in the development of strategic alliances with business partners and pharmaceutical companies to expand the scope of operational opportunities.
  • Provide on-site technical support in radioisotope and radiopharmaceutical production and distribution.
  • Become the Radiation Safety Officer (if required) and be responsible for obtaining required licensure and assuring compliance with all regulatory commitments, to include Radiation Safety, DOT Regulations and corporate policies. Provide guidance to maintain compliance with evolving USP Guidelines, Pharmacy laws, FDA Directives and Guidelines.
  • Implement and manage the Company Quality Assurance Program. Responsible for implementation, monitoring effectiveness and revision as required.
  • Participate in the marketing of the Nuclear Pharmacy. Assist in the maintenance and development of relationships with customers, new and existing. Follow and improve (as possible) in conjunction with the Director of Operations, the policies, and procedures for the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. Monitor the preparation and production and quality control of radiopharmaceuticals. Establish corrective actions as necessary to correct deviations below acceptable standards.
  • Maintain and develop (in conjunction with the Director of Operations) training programs for the compounding of radiopharmaceuticals. Monitor the training outcomes and subsequent actions. Audit and re-certify training personnel on an annual basis.
  • Develop training programs for the sterile preparation of radiopharmaceuticals. Monitor the training outcomes and subsequent actions. Training program should address sterile, aseptic techniques, sterility testing, and QC procedures using analytical equipment, pyrogen tests, and chemical tests. Audit and re-certify training personnel on an annual basis.
  • Recruit, interview administrative and professional staff, and render hiring recommendations for the Salem, VA facility. Including Staff Pharmacists, Technologists and Customer Service Assistants; Plan, assign and direct work of the Facility Staff.


Reid Gadziala

Date posted

Feb 15, 2024

Date updated

Feb 16, 2024