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PharmD Concentrations

The PharmD program offers eight different degree concentrations (similar to a minor or a focus area) as part the degree. PharmD concentrations are listed on transcripts upon graduation, and they help PharmD students develop new knowledge and policies for the field of pharmacy, as well as help secure competitive fellowships, residences, and jobs after graduation. For students who choose not to add a concentration to their degree, they will still have access to the wide range of elective courses offered as part of each concentration.

The concentrations draw from areas of study and expertise in all three departments within the college: Pharmaceutical Sciences; Pharmacy Systems, Outcomes and Policy; and Pharmacy Practice.

What is a Concentration?

  • Course groups that define a specific area or sub-area of study.​
  • Establishment of a formal concentration is required where focused study in a substantial subcomponent of an academic discipline is required in the degree program, where those areas are clearly defined in terms of requirements, and only when the sponsoring units want these areas or sub-areas to be formally recognized by the campus.​
  • Sponsoring units will determine the number, type and level of courses that constitute a concentration within their disciplines. Typically, a concentration is defined as a minimum of 3 related courses (a minimum of 9 or more hours) that a student may take as part of a degree program.​


  • Offer an enhanced PharmD experience to students ​
  • Improve competitiveness of students for residencies, fellowships, and graduate programs​
  • Demonstrate progressive curriculum offerings​
  • Showcase faculty talent​
  • Improve competitiveness and standing of the College ​

When to Apply to a Concentration?

Students must apply to the Rural Pharmacy (RPHARM) or Urban Pharmacy (UPHARM) concentration after they have been admitted to UIC but before they have enrolled in courses.

For the other concentrations, students apply after they have completed one full year of the PharmD program. A minimum 3.0 GPA in first-year (P1) courses is required. This year, students will be asked to apply by April 30, 2024.

Each concentration offers a limited number of spaces per year, so not all students who apply may be admitted.

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Current students may only apply to one concentration. Students who have already been admitted to UPHARM or RPHARM are allowed to apply to one of the six other concentrations.

The application will open in early April. Application-based questions, a current CV, and at least one letter of recommendation will be required.

Letter of Recommendation

Students can submit up to three letters of recommendation, and it is recommended that at least one letter of recommendation comes from a professor or staff of the UIC College of Pharmacy.

P1 Students: Start Your Application

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  • We will send your question(s) directly to the designated concentration coordinator.

    If you have general questions that are not specific to a certain concentration, including deadlines, application questions, etc., please contact Dr. Kristen Goliak at