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The Importance of Student and Faculty Connections

The SFRC is a student-run committee consisting of students and faculty members.  The committee is tasked with building relations between the UIC College of Pharmacy faculty and students.  Fostering connections between students and faculty can promote a more positive learning environment for all and lead to greater student success and retention.1  A sense of connection promotes a feeling of belonging.

1Christe, B. (2013). The Importance of Faculty-Student Connections in STEM Disciplines: A Literature Review. Journal of STEM Education, 14(3), 22-26.

Spring 2023 SFRC Surveys Heading link

The SFRC sent surveys to P1 – P3 students.  The survey consisted of four areas.

Study Habits
Exam Preparation
Clinical Experience Preparation
Highly Competent Pharmacist Preparation  [Not included in P1 survey.]


Purpose:  The survey and sharing of results is a first attempt at a new approach to gathering data that will hopefully be more beneficial to students and faculty.  This new approach replaces the student faculty “exchanges” that have been held the last few years.