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Academic Success

Individual Tutoring Heading link

The Office of Student Affairs is excited to offer individual tutoring for all P1 through P2 main curriculum courses! Our goal is to help students study effectively and talk through difficult concepts. If you are interested in individual tutoring, you can sign up by clicking HERE.

Please note that students who no-show/cancel without a 24 hours notice repeatedly will no longer be able to schedule tutoring appointments.

Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes each. Signing up for more than 2 consecutive sessions will result in a cancellation of the extra sessions. Make sure to come prepared to your tutoring session by bringing concepts or questions you’d like to discuss with the tutor.

Drop-In Tutoring Heading link

On Tuesdays from 12:30 – 1:20pm there will be drop in tutoring if you have quick questions about coursework. These are not intended for individual tutoring. Drop-in’s will take place in room 177 in Chicago and room E216 in Rockford.

We also offer remote drop-in tutoring every Thursday from 12:30 – 1:20pm via Zoom. Feel free to ask quick questions by joining us in the Zoom session located within this Blackboard page.

Self-enroll in the Blackboard course using this link:

Peer Educator Program (PEP) Heading link

The Peer Educator Program (PEP) is an initiative developed by Rho Chi and the Office of Student Affairs, focusing on review sessions for the P1 and P2 PDAT courses. The review sessions are an initial overview of lecture topics for upcoming exams in an interactive manner with questions and answers. All review sessions take place at 7:30PM CST via the Academic Resources Blackboard site linked below. The dates for Fall 2023 are as follows:

PHAR 503

  • Exam 1: Thursday, 09/28
  • Exam 2: Thursday, 11/02

PHAR 504

  • Exam 1: Thursday, 09/14
  • Exam 2: Thursday, 10/19
  • Exam 3: Thursday, 11/09

Self-enroll in the Blackboard course using this link:

Academic Center for Excellence Heading link

The Academic Center for Excellence provides learning support services to enable all UIC students to accomplish their academic goals.

Study Skills Heading link

  • Attend class or listen to recordings of the lectures and take notes during
  • Immediately after class write down one or more questions based on key aspects of the lecture. Also write answers for the questions. This gives you a bank of questions and answers that you can return to later when studying. Qs and As can also be shared among your fellow students if you study as a group.
  • Note a concept from the lecture that needs clarification, write a question that could be asked at a review session. If you can not attend review session or this impacts the next lecture, send the question to the professor/course coordinator.
  • Summarize every lecture on one (!) sheet of paper and use this as framework for studying, this can be a graph, a drawing, brief text
  • Don’t waste time re-watching/reading EVERYTHING.
  • Use your notes and only re-watch the things you did not understand.
  • Try to explain the material to yourself with the help of your notes after every lecture
  • Understand and don’t just memorize
  • Don’t wait with studying until shortly before the exam
  • Invest 10-15 min every day to recapture every lecture